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Don't You Like Spelljammin Too?

Greetings adventurers. I have been busy putting some of my homebrew monster stat blocks in some more official order, and I am preparing to release some of that content on Twitter and the discord server as it releases. I have also been working on content for our spelljammer games and reading up on the latest AL modules released on DnDBeyond. There is a lot to like about the modules, and I may just run them as I plan on preparing another listing for "Light of Xaryxis" when it releases in August. The art is killer and the lead-up story leaves a lot to my imagination about how the level 5-8 adventure included will turn out.

Can you tell I am passionate about Spelljammer? Am I pumped about its release? Hungry for content? Am I excited to host more Spelljammer games?

Keep an eye out for more listings at!


Now back to the grind, but it's time for game recaps before I do.

Game Recaps

Pact Mules. The Mules found themselves with a choice, continue down to the next level or see what else level 6 has to offer. They continued to the privy, tricked a baddie into dueling their new friend cheese, and socked it to them ambush style. A little more adventuring found them speaking with the dead, running from some floating bones, and encountering more Duergar. We also learned a new recipe for cheese-stuffed mushrooms and had some fun with some plugs for instruments from Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog.

Tuesdays in Thay. The party is still in an underground temple of a nearly dead God in the realms. They fight some screaming harpies with a killer voice and a taste for lousy harp playing, nearly wiping out in the process. The good news is they set a spirit free and found a moment to rest without being accosted. We continue in the underground of Nethjet this week.

Wednesday Mad Mage. These folks were in for the fight of their PC's lives this week, and I did not pull any punches (do I ever?) with monster tactics. I honestly started the night wondering if they would make it out or not, but some clever gameplay, spreading out, and getting the higher ground all worked in their favor as we wrapped round 24 (yes, 24 rounds so far!) of combat. Hopefully, they pulled everyone paying attention because it is starting to get hot here!

Ghosts of Spelljammer. The party continues to uncover the mysteries of this small, overlooked town in Impiltur. They fought a surprising fiendish presence and took in a show at the fancy bar in the village. They even took a souvenir home in the form of a skeleton strapped to a chair. Somehow they made it back to the tavern without creating a stir, and we found out what was in store for them next as they challenge a crew of thugs and unravel what is going on here.

Platoon. The gnome and Splooshball star fill the group in on what they missed in their first walk about town. They got introduced to Large Luigi, who is, in fact, rather big, and their special layered pasta (Don't call it Lasagna.) They also met an entrepreneur whose reputation proceeded them and took on a gig smashing some heads of the competition. It turns out the competition is into weird translucent alien spiders.

Private Party Friday. I host some super clever folks for a monthly Friday game, and we had a classic dungeon crawl experience full of loot, monsters, and maybe a trap or two. They released the missing staff member and made it out alive, learning a sinister secret about the cult's plans as we are now headed into our next set of sessions this fall. Always a good time.

Frozen Few. Finally. The ranger was able to make it to an abandoned cabin after hearing rumors of maps and goodies inside for weeks in-game. Byrn Shander is busting at the seams with refugees, and life has become exponentially more complicated in Icewind Dale, as if it couldn't get any worse. The team trudges on as they prepare to take on the core of the problem.

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. The team is sailing the sea of fallen stars aboard the mighty Star Drifter. Here they meet an exciting dwarf who lets them in on some surprising information. They plan to follow him when a rendezvous with another ship at sea takes place this week!

Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP. The team had a heck of a fight this week as they took out some cultists in the forest, all wearing necklaces with an angry-looking tree cast in pewter. They fall back to a cave for some much-needed rest as they continue to explore the misty woods of Rashemen.

Storm Giant's Wrath PBP. The Thunder Buddies have helped out in town and met with a sentient tree, providing the team a hearty blessing for their efforts to stop this madness. An old friend re-unites, and wedding planning is well underway. There will be cake and lots of it.

Adventure in courage friends and thanks for playing!

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