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I am Famous!

Ok, probably not famous. A while back, '' asked me a few questions to get to know me, and look at that, the interview got put into the Game Master of the Week article. I am honored to get the shout out from SPG, as I love this community so much!

/end shameless self promotion

In Memorandum:

Lothor: He was an enormous creature with a big heart and a big kenabo! The cleric divined peaceful resolution as long as the team was diplomatic. Unfortunately for Lothor, diplomacy came too late, and his fate ended with a lightning bolt taking his last breath. He was like an Uncle or mentor to the team, coming up with great ideas, and we will miss the player character - Lothor.

Game recaps!

PIFONS: Team PIFONS hasn't had much chance to say goodbye to Lothor yet, he went down, and tensions are still very high, but at least the fighting has stopped. We return this week to see if the party can switch gears from fighting to the death to talking as if their lives depend on it because they do.

Mad Mage Mondays: The druid didn't much care for her forest being lit on fire and the blatant disrespect our trespassing team has shown. She summoned some animals and brought her might, but the party was too tough for her. With the threat gone, a more significant threat to the team making it out of here alive rose. Findo isn't well, and he is doing things that bring the team to question everyone's sanity.

Looking forward to finding out more - is the biggest challenge the team has down here themselves?

Tuesdays in Thay - we find our group picking up a package southeast of Nethjet to be returned promptly. There was only one catch, a construct the gnome built got a bit out of hand and needed to dispatch it and some hideous flying bat-snakes before they could gather the goods. They have the package, now to get it back to Nethjet safely.

Wednesday Mad Mage - I took a break because some last-minute stuff with players came up. Adulting is hard; we will try again this week!

Rangoon Platoon: Spoilers aplenty if I go into this in too much detail. I will say that the party had an epic fight lasting two sessions and came out victorious. After the party's big win, we found each adventurer finding a different path for their next steps.

Harlun decided to head back to the Calling Horns Inn and is seen embracing the fabulous Tamalin Zoar.

Bina went to Candledeep to continue his studies on the different planes, especially the astral. With a bottle of gogandy on the ground, we see him step through a portal - where does it go?

Abner decided to take the High Road north to take on an apprentice in smithing armor and weapons. He has learned a lot in battle and aims to share that with the next generation.

Grelyn finally headed back to her hometown of Loudwater; after shedding the shame of being tricked into a pact with Ertu, she can face her loved ones with a clean conscious and start fresh.

Fenian is seen building what should be the world-famous "Harshnag's," A crab shack for the enjoyment of all.

Quartz went back to Waterdeep, tales of his exploits preceded him, and he was welcomed back to the guard with open arms; he now serves as a high-ranking official in the City of Splendors.

Friday, I hosted some awesome folks for a corporate team event. We did a mimic hunt in the bar, and it was a great time. I enjoyed talking shop with them just a bit as we got things going. We were looking forward to our next adventure!

The Frozen Few continue to navigate Icewind Dale with their new friend Kryll. They aren't sure when he will phase in or out of existence, but he is here now and has been helpful in their travels. Oziro had a lot of paperwork to deal with when he came back to Good Mead; the life of a speaker is not all fun and games after all. The party reconciled a grievance with a lumberjack but still had quite the mystery to unwrap.

Storm Giants Wrath - our Play by Post game is going great, and I love these characters so much. Each one brings me joy in a different way. They have recovered a missing knight, thought a fugitive to be apprehended but revealed to be a member of the Grey Hand - their mission just got a lot more complicated as they head back to Daggerford to take it to the imposter guards.

Wise Witches Play by Post starts this week, and I am ultra excited to meet these characters! So far in the pipeline, we have a Haregen Ranger and maybe a Paladin from Bezantur. Some remarkable stories are going to come out of this one for sure.

Thanks for reading, playing, or just hanging out! Adventure in courage, friends!


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