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This Week in Courageous Adventures, October 9 2022

Pact Mules. To say the evening was full of action, sorrow, and difficulty is not saying enough. The Pact mules mounted a fight against the mighty Xanathar, who prepared for them to come to him. The team did not get a chance to pull him from his lair until the end, which was a bit late for some of the player characters—the traps and goons watching the third floor didn't help their approach much, either.

They fought hard until the end, but the Baron of the Waterdeep underground was overmatched and overprepared for the team. Only Dioltas and Garath made it out with their lives. Gildor now mutated and no longer has the pact to answer for. Dorhakkas has turned to stone.

Yalena, the hexblade responsible for the team's name-sake and killer digs against the party, found Xanathar as the group spread out on multiple levels. Faced with him one on one, she knew if they ran, she would die running away, so she turned and fought. She critically wounded the aberration before three rays struck her, ushering her soul away from this plane.

Misty meets Xanathar in a similar situation; after freeing one of the only people down here capable of assisting, she runs back into the fray. She refused to retreat, yelling up the stairs for the others. Xanathar took his opportunity, pinpointed where she was, and zapped her with three rays, slowing her and eventually turning her to dust.

We return to the Dungeon on a sad note this week, but I look forward to meeting the new characters.

Heroes of Wildspace. This week, we picked up a new friend who has an unlikely connection with our autognome pal, Tom. The two bickered like old friends or lovers, and the team decided it would be best if they went after their new bounty together. They explored deep under the Rock of Bral, finding some sinister rats and a crew of folks behind the next door. This week we collect our bounty or die trying.

Wednesday Family Table. Fresh off a long rest in an abandoned bed chamber, our crew continues their journey in the Dungeon of the Mad Mage. They met up with an unlikely couple, part man, part rat, and a bit over-eager to take coin for information. The Dragonborn learned a valuable negotiation lesson; everyone fought and talked their way out of problems. Will they find their way to floor two this week?

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. Full assault of an illithid colony can prove hazardous for one's health and state of mind. The team held their own, only briefly separated by automatic locking doors. The session was creepy and thrilling, with a bit of darkness and many tentacles creating an edge to the evening. Somewhere an Elder Brain lurks, messing with the party from afar. Can they strike it down before it is too late?

Ghosts of Spelljammer Thursday. The crew tracks down a bounty on the Rock of Bral. A serious crime has taken place, threatening the leadership of the asteroid city, and our heroes have found themselves entangled in two groups that want this person's head or what is in it. We had a super fun session obtaining clues about their mark and figuring out where to look next to apprehend and collect their bounty. This week will find us sailing wildspace again in search of a criminal.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. The LHIC found themselves up against a beholder this week as well! It was a good thing it wasn't Xanathar, and the circumstances were much different. Frightening and dangerous nonetheless, the crew took out the doppelganger and rescued the item for their new friend, Large Luigi. Luigi recommends a life of bounty hunting or more over-the-table work than what Gaspar has available, and we will find out where they go next this week!

Storm Kings Thunder PBP. The new crew gathered their gear, hit the trail, and made their way north to Luskan to deliver some goods way up to the Ten Towns. Our team already has fantastic chemistry and is working together to see if there is love in the air or if two orcs want an excuse to throw weapons. There was cake! There was Jerkey! There is Ale! Will there be a fight?

Spelljammer Bebob PBP. Our spelljammer PBP one shot is getting exciting, and the showdown is on! I enjoy how these folks take risks and approach situations; running this mystery for them has been a joy. Everyone wishes them luck; they will need it as we wrap up this week.

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. What is a little light breaking amongst friends? The crew continues to sleuth the city upon the asteroid for where they can find an item essential to a friend of theirs. They are getting closer and have "borrowed" some carrots and snacks to munch on cool-looking rings.

The Frozen Few. They did it. They beat a goddess and have returned to the Ten Towns with the sun on their shoulders. A strange force pulls them to solve one more mystery. Will it be their last? Ominous portents have been spoken as the team heads east to see what secrets are trapped in the ice.

We also said goodbye to a PC this week here, but this time because their story in the group had been told. He did what he wanted and wished to see no more harm done by their hands or others. Raglan retires a simple man, a healer in a hut helping when he can and wishing the Frozen Few luck as they adventure forward.

This Saturday, I got to host a game for a table of folks almost all entirely new to Dungeons and Dragons or TTRPGs! I was asked to host a one-shot that gave an excellent classic feel for aspects of the game, so I ran them through a bit of a horror game with a twist as they needed to find out why the couriers had been missing. We had a tavern, travel, negotiations, and combat! The group loved it, and I had a blast. I wish them all the best with their new addiction!

Our somewhat monthly group met this week as well, and we killed a dragon! Not only beat but BEAT the dragon. The party monk ran up and punched the dragon on the nose with a stunning strike while a lightning cloud hung in the sky controlled by the druid. The wizard and bard blasted from a distance, and the cleric was sure to keep an eye on their friends. The Paladin and Barbarian combo drove the issue home, and we all had a fantastic time. They even prepared bagel bites with dragon toppers in anticipation of today's game! It was a blast!

Definitely a week of ups and downs in our games, and it was all thrilling, to say the least. Great work, players - and adventure in courage, friends!

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