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Dungeons and Dragons Public Games

Join DM Eric V's and others from around the world in the worlds most popular tabletop roleplaying games.  Public game slots are limited but do open up from time to time.  

Private Custom Games and Team Building Events

Problem solving and teamwork are at the core of Tabletop Roleplaying Games, which make them a perfect fit for your next team building event!

Or perhaps you need a specific game run at a specific time?  Have a group of friends ready to go and want a private game hosted by a professional?  This service is for you and pricing varies but typically runs $300 for a table up to 6 players.

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Other Services

DM Eric V is a "Full Stack" Game Master, meaning he makes maps, crafts stories, and can even craft a module for DM's looking for something new and fresh.  

Are you in the East Texas area?  DM Eric V can come to you - currently booking for events in open air locations give a shout for a quote today!  Price varies


What do you do?

Hosting Dungeons and Dragons and other shared stories.

You are being chased by a band of barbarians, angry that you have taken their totem and will not stop until it is returned.  The needles of the pine trees sting your cold skin rushing through the forest to escape.  Your feet are wet, and cold, you are exhausted.  The party finally gets into a clearing, the sounds of the barbarians farther in the distance.  You struggle to catch your breath when just then the unmistakable sound of thunder erputs breaking the peaceful moment as a Giant Boar with gargantuan tusks glowing with electricity stomps into the clearing.  What do you do?

You and your buddies have some hot cargo aboard your intergalactic cruiser, can you make it home with the goods in less than 12 parsecs? Lets hope so as a competitor ship is hot on your tail.  The engine has just taken a hit, its going to take some time to repair, and you see the tractor beam pulling the ship jarring you and your friends.  What do you do?

You are a mercenary, who for better or worse is standing in a room with the only other 4 people on this planet that you can trust.  You are getting close to your target, a specter who has been tormenting the town for weeks.  Your friend is pouring salt on the ground, another unsheaths his sword lit aflame.  You hold a dagger, and a prayer as the vissage makes themselves knowns and lifts you in the air.  What do you do?

The possibilities are quite endless when you play in a game with DM Eric V!  What do YOU do?

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