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About DM Eric V - Professional Game Master

I host awesome games!

I am Eric, I cut my teeth on fantasy rpg's as a wee lad of the 90s playing titles such as dragon quest and final fantasy.  I have played DnD when I was younger but fell off at the arrival of the 4th edition.  When 5e came out I was hooked firmly in the grasp of the system and haven't looked back.  I like to play, but also LOVE to GM games to help facilitate players crafting their stories. 
My daughter showed an interest in playing so I started GM'ing a few years ago for her and her friends and fell in love with it, and here we are!  I have found I really enjoy helping new players, and sharing my love for this game that has brought me so much joy.  
In DnD games I tend to mash up official cannon (forgotten realms) with a bit of my own world.  Familiar assets and custom monsters are normal sights in my games.  I am pretty chill, following RAW with a couple tweaks for quality of life.  If the party wishes to do some crafting, or make travel just a bit more exciting I have access to a pretty good chunk of supplements that help out with that.   DnD is where I got my start and will always play and host but I am also in a bit of a love affair with games that are hacks of the Apocalypse World aka PbtA system such as Monster of the Week, Blades in the Dark, and Dungeon World.
My game philosophy is simple: quality DnD is about 3 things - Storytelling, Problem Solving and Teamwork.  The indie games I run are no different but will focus on the shared Storytelling pillar a little more than the crunch and math of combat.  I really do have a game and system ready for just about anyone!
Come play, tell me what you would do, and share a story with us!

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