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A look ahead, and game recaps 2-12-2022

Greetings and salutations, adventurers! I have been busy fending off goblins and bugbears, so this week slipped by before I realized it was newsletter time!

I have been hard at work filing down the edges on some world-building and prepping for games that launch in January. As current campaigns wrap up in 2023, my offerings will feature more of a shared world where players interact with different areas in the same space. Our weekly newsletter here will function as more of a gazette of the big things happening in Elgee. First will be our western-themed fantasy game in a challenging and rugged part of the continent, "The Dragons Cup."

It is an ambitious project that requires a lot of work on my end but based on player feedback this year, the payoff will be out of this world for our community, and I am very excited to bring a world of adventures to share with all of you!

Game Recaps

Bookworm and Picnic Hobos. Last week our adventuring team fought a momma hydra in the swamp of this terrible dungeon and cleaned the floor with them. However, their luck would soon turn as the cleric's curiosity could not be abated. He stepped through one of the gates and walked into a hornet's nest of drow multiple levels deeper. In the deep dark of the undermountain, Gerath's journey ends, and the rest of the team's path for vengeance begins.

Dragon of Icespire Peak. We had a great time exploring Phandalin Monday with a new group of adventurers who didn't waste any time tracking down some ruffians causing problems in town. They meet the eccentric mayor and have some leads to follow to help keep the city safe and make some money in the process. This is a great introductory adventure, and I am so excited to be hosting my take on it with an enthusiastic group of new players!

Rat Tacos. (This should prompt a name discussion tonight.) Drakkenheim is gone, and our adventurers spend some time in the refuge of Emberwood city, learning more about what has become of the world around them. This week we see what work is out there while the Amethyst Academy and Hooded Lanterns regroup.

Storm Kings Thunder PBP. The team is back in Byrn Shander, getting a deal on some recovered gems and geodes from the icy caves in the Dwarven Valley. Rumors rumble, and the temperature drops; what will be in store for our team this week?

Mad Mage Family Table. The team continues to punch a bit above their weight here on the sixth level of the dungeon fighting of Duergar and animated armor. Will they press on or find a place to retreat to as we continue our time in the "lost level."

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. Forbiddance. Liches. Apprentice skulls. All these things are featured in a super dangerous fight in a lich's lair deep below the City of Splendors. The bladesinging wizard may have sung his last swing as he is carried away to find refuge before pressing on. Things should be interesting here on level twenty of the dungeon with a lich still at large.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. The LHIC continues its plans to profit in times of war and peace, this time opting for peace as they negotiate an alliance of two enemies on the air planet. They have a brand new intern learning the ropes from their recently promoted crewmate. A tale of two Rons, Colair will never be the same.

Saturday Drakkenheim. Session zero was a smash hit as we spent a great deal of time working out players' connections to each other and the world. This will pay dividends as the team works in a tangled web of faction intrigue and dangerous expeditions. Super excited to see what is ahead for this (mostly) randomly rolled group of adventurers!

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