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And the Party Never Ends...

Greetings adventurers, I am happy to report I am back in East Texas after a few weeks on the road. Check out last week's article for those exploits, but I can safely say I prefer my internet connection at home instead of the mercy of the hotels sprinkling the Western United States.

Game recaps:

PIFONs fight for their lives Monday as Storm King's Thunder Cressendos, and I am here for it! I know the table is pumped up for the fight, and we are all looking forward to it.

Monday Mad Mage, we pick up where we left off after a feast celebrating one of the players. Will the celebration be short-lived after reading epistles from "The Chronicler"?

Tuesday in Thay was a casualty of lousy internet this week. We did get to play for about an hour and pick up a package destined for Nethjet. They did encounter a goblin digging in a broken-down cart on the way, and we will start figuring out what they are up to.

Wednesday night had some players out, so Mad Mage took a bye; we returned this week to level 13!

Thursday night left only a hole in my heart as our normal Rangoon Platoon is still preparing for our next adventure together. I love these creative players so much, and we start our experiences on the Sea of Fallen Stars this week.

On Saturday, the Frozen Few found me back at the home base for an ice-cold adventure fighting some of Auril's minions and investigating some thefts in Easthaven. The party breached a shutdown ferry but found no one they could see inside. We know they are not alone with a sweep of the quarterstaff from Darius!

Wrath of the Storm Giants PBP, the party was able to take down the imposter guards and learn more about the underhanded plans one of the nobles in town had for the future of Daggerford. This week they set off north searching for a beloved new friend with a message in hand for Triboar.

Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP is off to a great start! The party introduced themselves and met with the Wychlaren around a fire with magical properties that gave them some powerful images to contemplate. This week we will go after some bandits creating problems on the Golden Way east of town.

Good to be home, and I am looking forward to all of our games this week! Adventure in courage, friends!

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