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As it takes its final breath it hears in the wind "you are a poopy face."

Greeting adventurers!

This week I'm going to feature a new entry to the newsletter: "Out of Context DnD '' Where I simply take a line from one of the players, post it here, and hope for some laughs!

Out of context DnD

  • This reminds me of graduate school

  • The cheese can only come to here

  • As it takes its final breath it hears in the wind you are a poopy face

  • Ive only known him for 30 seconds and I love him

  • Is Za's vomit holy water?

  • No that wasn't an 8 here, you rolled a natural 20

  • Are those like grasshoppers?

  • This wine is tainted, smells like wet newspapers

  • Do you have any thinner skinning knives for skinning more delicate skin?

I'll keep track of more one-liners and keep adding as I publish our updates weekly! Now onto the game recaps!

PIFONs fought hard against some frost giants and wolves, and were able to help out a reindeer rancher restore some of the destruction they caused. Some hot cocoa was had and a well deserved good night's rest brings us to this week as the team continues to track some Frost Giants.

Monday night mad mage found us under the city of skullport on a very risky and secretive mission for the Harpers. Can the team take out the guild with their efforts? We will find out as we resume after a big fight with some of the top soldiers of the guild.

Monster of the week wrapped in spectacular fashion as the team of hunters found themselves in the center of all the chaos that has been happening this season, fighting a demon at his ranch in east central texas. It was ultra fun visiting with these characters each week for a season of monster of the week. Many thanks to Tosh, Harbin, Pamela, Leona and Za on your well deserved accolades in the Texas stRangers!

Mad Mage Wednesday was a blast, moving on from the slithery swamps to another level absolutely infested with Drow. These guards are beefy and the statues come alive. Should be fun as we continue our adventure deeper into the greatest dungeon ever known.

Rangoon Platoon had a pretty solid day in Waterdeep, dining with a special guest none other than the leader of the Harper's organization herself. She promoted them all to "wise owl" and requested updates as they continue to track the source of the chaos caused by the giants and the true nature of Hekaton's disappearance. There was lots of wine and cheese too.

Saturday's evening in Icewind Dale was fantastic as always with some stellar roleplay as the crew wrapped up some threads in Dougans Hole and headed back to Byrn Shander. A few crag cats later the team got some shopping in and a much needed visit to one of the temples in town.

Another fun week and I look forward to catching more "out of context DnD" this week! Adventure in courage friends!

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