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Astral Elf Footsoldier - Creature and Map!

Welcome back, creature and map lovers. This week we continue the "Red Bull" encounter, A shady guild hideout tucked in the cellars and tunnels under a tavern on the Rock of Bral. Naturally, this can work anywhere you have a guild or secret faction in your games.

Hiding out behind the bouncers is a slew of footsoldiers, the front-line thieves, and neck stabbers of the organization. Yes, I said neck; why stab in the back when there is a perfectly good jugular hanging out in the open?

In my game, the guild leader is an Astral Elf. You can get more details on them if you are a subscriber to the newsletter! They are someone who has drifted around for a long while and has met many folks willing to sign up for a life of crime and treasure over aimless drifting in the Astral. Every leader needs some thugs, footsoldiers, and errand-folk, so we meet the Astral Elf Footsoldier this week.

Astral elves are just plain cool, and I imagine them being a little spicy and shady when they turn to a life of crime and punishment. These soldiers are good at what they do, fighting with finesse weapons up front and personal. I like giving enemies features some players might not expect, and an excellent old-fashioned parry goes a long way for a dynamic fight and survivability of the baddies.

I tucked these soldiers into the hideout, past the tunnel, and into the main bar area. You could also put them at the table playing cards and have them be the next "wave" after a round against the Bovine Bouncers in the room to the north.

Of course, my party decided to parlay and not end up fighting these folks as they made their way into the hideout. No worries, there are more like them at every port of call in the multiverse, and anyone running an intrigue game with me is sure to run into these creatures eventually. For a little different mood, enjoy an alternative darker map of the Red Bull tavern and hideout.

Want to meet Salas? The Master Astral Elf Theif the footsoldiers report up to? That is exclusive to Creature and Maps email subscribers, become one here and get an unpublished creature and map in your inbox bi-weekly.


Astral Elf Footsoldier Token

Astral Elf Footsoldier Statblock

Alternative map (dark night-time version)

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