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Father's Day, Juneteenth, DnD, and One-Shots

Happy Father's Day, everyone, and a holiday special to Texans, Juneteenth. If you don't know the story, it took an additional two and a half years from the emancipation proclamation and the promises to free all enslaved people to hit Texas. It did, sometime in June. It wasn't another three years later that the last enslaved people were set free when a horse thief was hung for their crimes, and his folks were released. A fascinating tale and I mention it because outside of Texas, I haven't run into many folks that know about it. Worth reading more about if you are into history like I am.

A lovely week of DnD, and all games are up and running! I probably won't have an opening until Spelljammer's official release, but I am thinking of running a few one-shots between now and then. If anyone has any ideas on what sounds fun, let me know; just like the Shore of dreams I talk about below, I have a lot of DMs Guild stuff in my pocket just burning to be played.

I will say Shore of Dreams is freaking amazing and I will run it as many times as people want to play it. There are a number of different ways this one can go and it has a nice balance of mystery, roleplay, and combat.

And now on to Game Recaps!

Team PIFON is still in the middle of a massive campaign crescendo fight in the desert. Can they fight their way to victory on Monday? I think so!

Monday night Mad Mage. What can I say? These folks put the mad in mage. The party took out a mighty dragon and found an unlikely travel companion. The team has figured out their beloved wyvern god of goblins is a touch more disturbed than they thought, struggling with different personalities. The artificer seems to have cooled out after the talk with the cleric, but I feel the struggles to hang on will continue as these folks adventure further down this maddening dungeon.

Tuesday in Thay ended on a cliffhanger for sure! The group prepped for a social event; little did they expect the wizard to be appointed as the enclave's representative for the Red Wizards in town. They haven't found the list they are looking for, but they did get the attention of a one Szass Tam, and that is where we left off and begin this week!

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. The crew is in the dark caverns of a level where some heavy construction is going on. They fought a bevy of metallic constructs and will continue to adventure forward this week to see what else is down here.

Thursdays Platoon, The Rangoon Platoon now only appears in stories and songs in this slice of the multiverse, so we need to work on a new name. Knowing these guys, it's bound to be good, but it will come in time. We started our adventuring, looking for some coin and chasing treasure on the sea of fallen stars. In our pursuit, the party found a map of a rock with a city. What could that be?

Saturday. I got to host a private game night, our second together after we did a birthday party event. It was incredible fun rolling through a one-shot by JVC Parry called "The Shore of Dreams." We all got together on Zoom, they got around one table, and we moved some dice, having a great time chasing the treasure of Captain Jadescale!

Frozen Few. The crew faced an agonizing decision, storm the fortress or chase the menace heading to town. They chased the danger but not without significant losses in the Ten Towns area. I usually don't talk numbers or pull back the curtain too much, but this group was about two hit points away from a TPK. Total. Party. Kill. But they did it and, in glorious fashion, defeated the construct and now are left to pick up the pieces in Byrn Shander.

Ghosts of the SpellJammer PBP. We soft started our group hanging out in Timbertown, playing cards and trying to find a way to make a coin or two. I was excited to get out on the adventure trail this week, uncover some secrets, and fight baddies.

Wrath of the Storm Giants PBP. We continued our adventure, heading to Waterdeep! The city of splendor! The party met up with a Dwarf who revealed they were more than meets the eye and had some intel on Ulfrid's parents and unique gifts for each party member. They are currently picking out tattoos at a shop in Waterdeep.

Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP. The group defeated bandits and uncovered their loot stash. A few traps and a long rest later, we hit the road at level two to complete the mission for the Wychlaren.

Adventure in courage friends!

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