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Game Re-Caps 10-30-2022

It has been a busy week, gearing up for Halloween, running games, and dealing with the shifting weather here in East Texas. It finally feels like fall, and the sun goes down earlier every day. As the cool breezes become more frequent, I find myself bundling up and wanting to host and play more games! My schedule runs over right now, but I am down for one more slot, perhaps on Saturdays or a Biweekly Friday afternoon game. Let me know if you are interested, but only after you check out this week's game re-caps!

Pact Mules. The Monday night Mad Magers head down a level after dealing with some cranky frozen monsters in the caverns above. In stark contrast to the chills of level seven, they stand at a precipice overlooking a dark and humid swamp. Fireflies and distant torchlight are all they see. What could be hiding in this swamp?

Heroes of Wildspace had some spoons to deal with, and after their space clown fight took some downtime on their way to a dwarven mining operation on an asteroid.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim. The squad explores the only town near the ruined city, meeting some folks and finding a cabin to rent to base their expeditions. This may be the last haven they see for a while as they meet with their contact in the morning, soon to make their first hike into the ruins of Drakkenheim. Everyone is digging this unique setting!

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. They did it! The crew is sneaking around with a stolen item in hand and has yet to be detected. As they make their final escape, can they avoid the ire of whoever is looking out for them? Or are they looking to confront the thief?

Storm Kings Thunder PBP. Our security detail successfully gets the goods from Neverwinter to Bryn Shander and has a chance to take in the sights of the cold but bustling city. They took out some heavy-hitting bandits on the way and heard footsteps in the distance, a sign of things to come.

Wednesday Family Table. The crew makes it to level two this week after taking out a bunch of goblins and bugbears guarding the stairs. It was a big fight, and everyone was excited to see what sort of monsters, traps, and surprises awaited them as they headed down. I think they won the bet that they would make it more than four hours, but when will they get a chance to make it back to the Yawning Portal?

Wednesday, Mad Mage. I don't know what I did to deserve such serendipity, but the party finds itself on a level just at the right time for Halloween-themed vampires, monsters, and cultists. It's dark, dreary, and sinister down here. Our hack-and-slash crew spent much of their time interacting with the environment, looking for clues, and seeing visions of a time gone. They ended the session with a fight against some cultists with glaives that hit like a truck, but as usual, they held their own and fought back strong!

Monster of the Week! I had the pleasure of hosting a Halloween-themed monster of the week game for a corporate client this week, and it was awesome. Only one player had TTRPG experience, so it was super fun showing them a straightforward system and having fun fighting monsters and solving the mystery sweeping their small town. I feel some of them will be back at a table to play soon!

Ghosts of Spelljammer. The team takes a long rest at the tavern, cleans up, and collects their thoughts on how and when to approach their mark planetside. Unfortunately, their bounty had time to skip the planet before they got to the hideout. They were also instantly recognized, making a very tense negotiation session. They get what they need to continue their journey and head out to wildspace, at least a 60-day round trip.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. The LHIC representatives fight off some thugs looking for the same thing and find themselves fighting something even more challenging. The thugs escape, but the party survives and heads to find their bounty immediately. They charm their way into the hideout and see themselves at the dinner table eating potatoes with their unsuspecting target. We ended the night on his cliffhanger - next week will be intense! Special shout out to these lovely folks for surprising me by dressing up as their PCs this week! Everyone's costume was ON POINT, and it was so much fun.

Monthly Brixhaven. We had a defend the tavern hoard attack this month, and it was a total blast! I have been hosting these fine folks for a corporate client for the last year, along with a few other SPG GMs. A few of us got together to plan a big event where we were all defending a different part of their base of operations and gave each other live updates as we went. The group of level 9's discovered the power of summons (beasts, elementals, fey) and mounted an impressive defense. A great way to cap off a fantastic gaming year before we take a few months off.

Frozen Few. The folks continue their journey playing Rime of the Frostmaiden, exploring the caves of hunger. Vampires, cosmic horrors, and a siren after their very souls made this a challenging descent to find the ancient secrets buried somewhere in this glacier. The team fought hard and was pressed for time, but were rewarded with a fantastic sight that hadn't been seen in nearly 2,000 years. We are genuinely at end-game here, and I am excited to see how they navigate what is ahead of them for the next few weeks.

Thanks always for reading, have a safe Halloween, and remember, next week, the US (or parts of it) drops daylight savings time. SPG automatically adjusts the time, but it can sneak up on us!

Adventure in courage, friends!

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