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Game Recaps 10-15-2022

Pact Mules. The Ranger and Cleric are all left of the pact, and they wisely navigate their way back to the Yawning portal to regroup and possibly find more adventurers willing to join their ranks. Here, they drown in ale and bourbon and meet an entourage of adventurers looking for someone. Volo gets outed as an entertainer rather than a serious researcher, and the team spends the evening getting to know each other. A mysterious wizard from another realm visits, promising them assistance in the morning.

Heroes of Wildspace. The Tuesday afternoon crew fights their way into the ruins underneath Bral, finding their bounty. We say goodbye to two members as they are whisked away for a critical mission. The team wraps the take-up, torches the place, and heads back to the strange figure who hired them to turn in and talk details of further assignments. The characters share laughs during some tense moments and are one step closer to getting their very own spelljammer ship.

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. The team does a little light breaking and entering to find more clues about where the missing item might be. They find their way into a dark home and pick up the clue they need, an address. While at it, they find some crunchy snacks in the pantry and a few cool rings. They head up the streets of Bral and scope out the location where the clue brought them.

Storm Kings Thunder PBP. Our crew spends a wild night in Luskan as they make their way north to the ten towns. Orc courting rituals, romance, and general social graces are put to the full test amongst ale and a jealous rival. Our orc friend wins at "darts," a dance party ensues, and the team sets off to the frozen north.

The Mad Mage Family table takes a break to find a whale shark in real life! I look forward to the pictures this week.

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. The crew is in a tough fight against a hyper-intelligent menace. They learn a thing or two about an alternative version of Waterdeep, but much mystery and danger remain as the thick-forged iron golem still protects their foe. What will become of our Satyr bard friend, and how will the characters find their way down closer and closer to the Mad Mage himself?

Ghosts of Spelljammer. Our crew spends some time in the library learning about Realmspace's closest planet to the sun. Not surprisingly, it's primarily scorching, but it does have flourishing civilizations and spelljammer docks at the north pole. Good thing because their clue takes them to this planet to find an essential person. The team, a little circus of a setback, goes planetside this week!

Laughing Head Insurance Company. The LHIC had a blast carousing on the Rock of Bral, looking for evidence and doing their best to stay out of trouble. The week's highlight may be stealing costumes from the local theatre to meet the dress code of the fancy elven restaurant they are trying to get into. Sure enough, they figure it out and enjoy some fine dining as they focus on what they are looking for.

Frozen Few. The Frozen Few head deeper into some icy caves and their wizarding friend to uncover ancient secrets. They also find they have unlocked some dark and sinister forces that haven't eaten in a long time. It is getting close to Halloween, and this session fits the theme and tone of the season.

This week we say hello to our explorers in the Dungeons of Drakkenheim! I am looking forward to updating the newsletter next week with their progress. If you want some gritty horror in your life, there is still time to join the Horrors of Drakkenheim!

We had a great week and looking forward to more adventure in courage, friends!

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