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Game Recaps 10-23-2022

Pact Mules. Our adventuring party unites and heads down the maddening halls of the Undermountain once again to put the Ranger's plan into action. I got quite an extensive shopping list last week, including string, spyglass, and a goldfish. I knew something was brewing but had no idea another confrontation with Xanathar was in order. This time, things went a more peaceful route. They traded a goldfish (convincing him it was Sylgar) for a truce. Things were looking up for our crew until someone blasted the sponsor vending machine, and all hells broke loose. The team handles a tough fight but is fully rested at level 10 and decides what to do next as they can hear something coming fast farther down the hallways.

Heroes of Wildspace. Our crew fights some noisy, annoying, cream pie-filled confetti blasting hooligans on their way to a Dwarven mining operation upon an asteroid. The team pulled out all the stops to avoid falling victim to some sinister clowns from space! This week we head out and see what all the trouble is on this shutdown mining operation.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim. We had a killer session zero, literally. I enjoyed connecting some backstory elements and linking the characters to the world we are playing in. The team is clever and are excellent role players; this will undoubtedly be an entertaining dark adventure!

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. The team has new shiny rings and an address to go to, so they head to investigate the new shop in town. They tested their sneaky skills and walked in undetected, finding stairs leading to a cellar. One of our friends notices a notch in the wall and movement behind it; what is watching them as they explore the basement?

Storm Kings Thunder PBP. Our intrepid heroes continue to the north but get stopped by a menacing fog and a few angry brutes trying to shake them down for their supplies. The team has none of this and fights back hard, eventually downing all three big nasties. We are feeding the horses some carrots and figuring out their names before heading back on the trail. What could that fog be?

Mad Mage Family Table. The team fights some slithery foes deep in the tunnels and collapsed rooms of level 1, trying to make their way to the exit to level 2. There was a bit of controversy over sneaking past or planning an ambush on some gargantuan nasties asleep, hanging from the ceiling. The party called for a vote, snuck by, and stood at the precipice of the next exciting level of Dungeon of the Mad Mage!

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. The team finally penetrated the armor of the Elder Brain and had it on the ropes, or the webs, as it were. Knowing it has been beaten, the brain tries its best to parlay, but the bladesinging wizard and crew will not stop until this thing is dead. They blast and maim the brain until it's but a memory. The team rescues the folks held captive here and decides to use the security of this place to their advantage and take a day or two off, reading, healing, and game planning the next steps. They step into the fog of level 19; what hides in the mist?

Ghosts of Spelljammer. Our fine folks continue to track down the fugitive for the Free Space Alliance before anyone else can get to them. They find themselves at a well-appointed tavern negotiating with a rival group of hunters when hulking beasts attack the place! Everyone comes together to fend off, and the party gets a good night's rest before continuing their search.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. The insurance Bros cook some potatoes with vendors, drink some ale and soak in the lakeside town planetside in their search. They run into a mean and nasty bounty hunter, and a fight ensues! Flintlock to her head and a man in a further-skin cowl sliding down the bar start our action off hot. It is a tough fight, and we will have to see how it all pans out next week!

Frozen Few. The Icewind Dale folks had some players missing, so we opted for a spoopy one-shot with a twist. Everyone rolled up a new level 8 character and got right into it as they tracked down the missing shipments. We even had a guest join us; it was a howling good time!

Adventure-wise, we are heading into a big week with many mysteries on the horizon. I will host a team-building event on Thursday morning, hosting a Monster of the Week game! It has been a minute since I ran MOTW, and I always have fun doing it, so I am excited to hunt some brain slugs! We wrap up a year-long corporate event with a monthly group's grand finale on Friday. Someone has the ring of telekinesis, and their base is under attack; it should be a good hopping time!

Adventure in courage, friends, and thanks for playing!

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