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Game Recaps 11-27-2022

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is adjusting well to a "normal" week ahead. I have taken time to continue writing for a project that I plan on talking a lot about in 2023 - The Dragon's cup. This is the custom setting I have been working on for quite some time, and it is ready to show some folks at the beginning of the year.

The setting is reminiscent of the American West without colonialism and other problematic themes. Expect a unique and carefully crafted environment that responds to your story. Our adventure is steeped in Fantasy, Horror, and Western genres with plenty of weird west fantasy flavor!

Pact Mules. The party had a campfire chat while some folks were recovering fr

om a curse situation. Pro-tip, don't lick statues of serpents buried in the underground swamp. After some rest and relaxation, the team continued to look for the missing person from the found diary but got distracted by a shiny and were trapped inside a cave with swamp sharks and a rising water level. We had a fun, dynamic combat session with lots of moving parts!

Heroes of Wildspace. With the asteroid mess behind them, our Heroes chased down a lead from some talking gems to a planet made of clouds. They find themselves deep in a dungeon once more on a mission to resolve a curse and unload the burden of some talkative sapphires.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim. The party is on a mission to retrieve a fallen soldier and a delirium shard big enough to catch the interest of the wizards of the academy. They are parlaying with rat-folk and exploring sewers; the next step is to find a way back in one piece!

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. The wildspacers continue their quest for a missing item for their eccentric bartender friend. Curiosity has them back in the basement, exploring a hidden passage and finding quite a surprise. I look forward to seeing how they talk out of this one!

Storm Kings Thunder PBP. The frozen north is a tough place, but when you speak with animals and plants, things can get a little easier. The team is trying to retrieve geodes to impress a girl; apparitions inside seem intent on preventing this. Thankfully the team has found a way to talk to the spirits, but what will they find buried below?

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. The team has finally done it. They have made it to "the musical level," perhaps my favorite of the entire dungeon. An excellent pallet cleanser after so much time in the shadowfell, they interacted with a few personalities who enjoyed communication via song. This week they take those songs to heart and continue to level 20! Yes! Level 20!

The Family Table, Ghosts of Spelljammer, Laughing Head Insurance Company, and the Frozen Few all took the week off in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanks for reading; get some exercise, stay hydrated, and adventure in courage, friends!

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