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Game recaps 12-4-2023

Greetings, and welcome to December! We had an action-packed week, two campaigns wrapped up, and I have a few listings out for games starting in January in my home setting. We will start in the Dragon's Cup region, with games launching in 2023 in other areas of the world. We can all share in-game. It should make the newsletter even more enjoyable!

I am excited to share more about the world in my head with all my players; I plan on a few snippets here as we continue to 2023, which will be here sooner than we think!

Congratulations to our Rime of the Frostmaiden group, the Frozen Few. They wrapped up the game JUST by avoiding a TPK; it was close. I am glad they made it because their "6 months later" end credits were touching and well thought out. I had a blast with Oz, Skaddi, Alucard, Sigma, Balrock, Raphael, Raglan, Darrius, and Dotaris.

The Thursday afternoon Spelljammer game wrapped this week as well. Tink Inc continues on as we say goodbye to our heroes chasing the Ghosts of Spelljammer. Thanks for playing "Infinito", TIM, Tink, Iprik, and Jathra. I enjoyed the narrative ending and visiting with Y'all weekly.

Bookworms and Picnic Hobos. Team former "Pact Mules" continues their swampy adventure facing down Bone Nagas and some very charismatic serpents. We will start the action off hot this week as we continue the fight in the swamp.

Heroes of Wildspace took a break this week with holiday travel.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim. All sorts of tea was spilt this session as the characters discovered secrets about each other and the city of the damned itself. They party with the hooded lanterns in the watchtower and enjoy tea with an elderly druid, who is happy to have the company.

Storm Kings Thunder. The team found a strange relic under a tree in an icy cave and are leaving with a heaping helping of geodes that will make a fancy necklace for our orc friend. What will they discover when they get back to town?

Ghosts of Spelljammer. The squad made it out with their lives after facing down a Beholder? They enter the eatery looking for clues about what is happening there.

Wednesday Family Table. Our mad magers continue and find themselves figuring out how one of Halaster's gates works. We ended the session by figuring out they hopped from level two to the sixth level of the dungeon!

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. With "the musical level" behind us, the team heads down to level 20! They see strange constructs and an even stranger rune glowing atop a stalagmite. Will they parlay with who is inside or fight them to the death?

Laughing Head Insurance Company. Someone made a joke about omelets, and the team ended up in an Arrakocra settlement negotiating for eggs. The idea here is to strike a peace deal and make a lot of profit, and they are well on their way to making that happen. On top of it all, we picked up a new intern, Bird-Ron!

Thanks for reading; I look forward to more adventures in the new year and adventure in courage, friends!

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