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Game Recaps September 11, 2022

Lots of excitement this week in our games together, enjoy this week's game recaps!

Photo by Billel Moula: via Pexels

Pact Mules. We had an eventful evening last week, venturing down to level seven of the dungeon and encountering a few traps and tricks. The Ranger lost his sword friend in a quicksand trap made of ice chunks, and our noble knight Cheese succumbed to the strength of an ice troll. He was brutally ripped in half in front of everyone, sparking the rest of the team to put the hurt down on the Trolls. He was given a proper burial via the "shape stone" spell, and the group continued without him and the sword.

Heroes of Wildspace. What a group. We kicked off session zero this week with much success. I don't always do "hot starts," but we got right into the action as alien critters attacked The Rock of Bral. It worked out splendidly, and the team was already chasing down their next adventure together. I can tell this will be a great group of wildspace bounty hunters!

Mad Mage Family Table. The players got a taste of how rough it can be down here and how hard even a short rest can work. Sapped of strength from mirror monsters, they were able to rest up before venturing on. Curiosity struck them at a most inopportune time, as a gate rendered the plasmoid monk unconscious twice! The group did a great job parlaying with a mess of thugs and lived to fight another day.

Mad Mage Wednesday Night. We joined this session mid-battle against some powerful Gith, one of which mounted on a red dragon! After discovering a rod made from volcanic Rock, the team figures out that the gate to the south takes them to a place entirely out of this world. Level sixteen very well could be my favorite level of the whole dungeon, and I will stop right here to avoid any spoilers for future adventurers.

Ghosts of Spelljammer. The party spent most of their day on the Rock of Bral chasing down leads from the notice board. They didn't much care for the halflings looking for help at the Rockrat tavern but took on some work to find a man's missing friends. They launched back into Wildspace with an itinerary in hand and a full crew to help them along. Let's hope the money is good.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. I design a lot of what we play by hand, sometimes pulling from old and current modules but always with my spin on it. The temple these folks went through was ultra fun, and I am glad they enjoyed it because it will be released on DM's guild shortly. This will be my first published adventure! It was a blast getting to know all the characters and dealing with the tension of this place together. This week we cash in on that reward!

Frozen Few. Our friends in the frozen tundra of Icewind Dale had some exciting tests this week in Grimskalle, the current dwelling of none other than Auril herself. The attacks on Ten Towns were terrible, but this place is downright brutal. The group handled it well, helping each other face adversity, and had a blast doing it.

Thunder Buddies PBP. With Ulfrid safely out of the giant camp, the team collects themselves and prepares to meet the other prisoners at an agreed-upon location. The reunion is much sweeter than what could have been. Two of the prisoners had quite a story to share with the monk, and I am super looking forward to how that plays out this week.

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. Our friends are exploring the Rock this week and are currently shopping for clothes and rings at the Great Market. Who knew the "I heart Bral" shirts would be so popular?

Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP. The adventurers did it! They took down cultists, then demons, and laid down the monster who corrupted the grand old tree in the center of this forest. It was their most brutal fight, and they pulled out all the stops to defeat these foes. Left with only an acorn, they return to Tiner this week to report back to the Witches.

As always, thanks for playing and adventure in courage!

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