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Happy Equinox, Black Flag Packet 2. Game recaps 3-21-23

I have been busy working on some fun adventuring in the Midgard setting as published by Kobold Press, and of course, dug into the playtest packet #2 for Project Black Flag that was released on Friday. We used the "Luck" system on Saturday night and had quite a good time with it. I'm looking forward to more playtesting and packets from the kobolds! You can find the packet over here.

On Monday, the Icespire peak crew gathered to check on "Big Al" at Butterskull ranch; they found gore and signs of battle by the pond and a house full of orcs that tried to shoo them off. A foot entered the door, and weapons rattled out of their sheaths as all hecks broke loose! The team is in a tough fight, and there are no signs of Big Al yet!

Picnic Hobos. True to form, the team started with a picnic in the misty halls of the maze level. Salads, mushrooms, and cherries were carefully tossed as the team prepared to take down some nasty foes around the next corner. We had a session-long fight against some nasty spellcasting minotaurs who had a little more than luck on their side--until they didn't. We turn in what is owed to the Drow this week and exchange brownies.

Rat Tacos. Our adventurers find themselves long resting in Emberwood, outside the ruins of Drakkenheim, and prepare for a big meeting with Elias and Eldrick. There was plenty of disagreement and hot tempers, but the parties left in peace and had put together at least the beginnings of working together on a common cause. The team meets this week to discuss how the meeting went and the next steps.

Family Table. With plans to talk into the underground hideout, the party is rolling initiative and fighting off some thugs. They go down and find a pit fighting arena where the dice have other plans for their smooth-talking, and more violence erupts. Victorious, but at what cost? The party assembles this week to continue after making quite a commotion.

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. They did it. They hit level 20 and made their way out of the undermountain. I want to do this write-up justice and will post what may or may not be the beginnings of an audio segment of our weekly update. Look for that later this week. Either way, Grugen, Giffard, Victor, Kent, and Spell leave the undermountain as heroes! A round of applause for all involved. It was a great campaign!

Laughing Head Insurance Company. We had an epic night playing in a system that is so freaking cool! The LHIC has fully invested themselves in the freedom and antics of Cypher system as they ride a bull/bison/tesla over the deserts, activating a long-lost bottle of lotion to create a thundering wall of carnage. They careen forward, taking out dozens of nasty creatures and finishing the fight at the ravine.

Bounty Hunters. Our Saturday crew headed West for answers about the red haze and strange happenings. It doesn't take long for them to find more questions and the hounds of hell nipping at their ankles. A great session in Cypher with some entertaining enemies and antics as the group shut down the demonic presence in the desert.

The Goodberry Group. On Saturday night, we tested some Black Flag options and enjoyed sharing beans around a campfire with fellow adventurers. It was nice having a friendly chat for once, and the party ventured back into the city to meet with some Dwarves. They quickly took out some ooze monsters and continued their trek this week.

Shmdragon of Smicespire. The Cypher remix of Icespire peak concluded in epic proportions on Sunday night. I had a lot of fun hosting this mini-campaign and introducing the Cypher system to some excellent players who latched on to its creativity. Spoiler alert, there WAS a Shmdragon, but he got what was owed to him by our mighty heroes. And Bob.

Adventure in courage, friends!

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