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Happy New Year!


It's been a year! Yes, we are only one week in, but a lot has been going on in the ttrpg space. There is plenty of comment on it elsewhere, so I will say I signed the opendnd letter and stand in solidarity with the 3rd party creators out there, heck I am one of them. Either way, we continue playing games we love!

I have some openings coming up in the Cypher system and Dungeons and Dragons 5e; check discord for the most recent updates.

Picnic Hobos. The players braved the treacherous halls of the Wizard school in the Mad Mage's dungeon, determined to explore its hidden secrets. As they made their way through the winding corridors, they encountered a group of goblin prisoners who, upon being freed by the players, believed that one of the players was a divine being. The Picnic Hobos were accepted to take the prestigious wizard test, either as retainer or wizard, and are now preparing to begin their trial this week, ready to prove their worth and get out of here alive.

Icespire Peak Tuesday. Our adventurers journeyed to a windmill where they encountered a fierce manticore, whose spiked tail and sharp claws proved a formidable challenge. But the players were undaunted, and after a fierce battle, they emerged victorious, defeating the beast and helping out the local potion maker. With their spirits lifted by their triumph, the group pressed on, making their way to the foothills, where they discovered a group of dwarves hard at work at an excavation site. Alerting the dwarves to the presence of a dangerous dragon in the area, the players joined forces with the stout-hearted Dwarves to help clear the temple before heading back.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim Tuesday. The players continued searching for a mysterious artifact rumored to hold great power. They came across the artifact, guarded by a fearsome mummy. Undeterred by the mummy's curses and spells, the players fought bravely and emerged victorious, securing the coveted artifact. But their troubles were far from over, as they soon found themselves pursued by a group of pilgrims who also coveted the artifact. In a bold move, the players decided to ditch the pilgrims and run for it, narrowly escaping their grasp. However, as they tried to make their way back to the city, they stumbled upon a dangerous monster with its guts spilling out, marking the end of the session.

Thanks to the Holidays and Covid, we took a bit of a break in Storm Kings Thunder, our play-by-post game but resume this week in Byrn Shander, waking up to some surprising events.

Family table Mad Mage. The team ventured deeper into the Mad Mage's dungeon, but as they made their way through the ruins, they were ambushed by a group of elite drow fighters on the third level. Despite their best efforts, the players were overpowered and taken prisoner, left languishing in the dungeon's dark cells. With their freedom and lives at stake, the group must find a way to escape their captors and return to the mission at hand - get to the Mad Mage!

Wednesday night Mad Mage, the players engaged in battle with a group of angry stone golems and gargoyles and got to use some pretty cool gravity magic and other exciting tricks to get the upper hand in action. After defeating them, they encountered a trap while solving a puzzle on the floor, definitely set by Ezzat, the lich who is now hunting them. Eventually, they took a magical cart ride to level 21, another step closer to finding Halaster Blackcloak!

Rangoon Platoon. Spelljammer at its finest, the players ventured through the city on the asteroid and caught up with old friends. The beholder, Luigi, helped the players coordinate a meeting with the leader of Acquisitions Incorporated. The notorious auctioneer Gaspar was pleased with their profitable endeavors and didn't kick them out of his place. However, at the end of the session, they were surprised by a group of astral elves who seemed to be curious about what was happening inside.

Drakkenheim Saturday Night. The team explored Emberwood village and rented a room for the night in a cabin across the street from the Bark and Buzzard. They encountered a group called the Hooded Lanterns at the watchtower and made a new friend in an adventurer named Sebastian Crowe. The group spent time together and got to know one another before setting off into the city on their first delerium hunt. Some mutated creatures found them first, though, and we open up next week with a tough fight ahead of us!

Thanks for checking in; adventure in courage, friends!

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