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Hot Game re-caps!

It is definitely summertime and we had a hot week of D&D. Going right into the game re-caps this week.

Team PIFON. The group pauses to allow one of the players time for their wedding day and a big move! A big congratulations, and we will pick up with the finale as soon as possible.

Monday Night Mad Mage. The Undermountain was hopping Monday night again when the team descended into "The Lost Level." It turns out there are some Duergar down here collecting treasure and don't care much for competition. They tried to talk their way around it, but things devolved as the party whipped these treasure hunters. What else is down here?

Tuesday in Thay. The team is working for Szass Tam now. It isn't like they had much of a choice when asked, and the Zulkier of necromancy is keen on hanging out with them for the time being. This puts the party on edge as they confront their former employer and fight the crew. She has been captured, and we find out what she knows when we return this week.

Mad Mage Wednesday. We welcomed a new group member, playing a highly skilled assassin. It was a great addition to the group, and they made fast work of a group of hobgoblins conspiring to take the level over. With their prize in hand, they head back to the gnome to get their reward this week.

Thursday's Spelljammer Preview. The Platoon heads into a house looking for treasure. Instead, they find books written in common but describing things entirely out of this world. Combat has been challenging as they make their way into this place's cellar to discover what sinister secrets these walls hide.

Friday. I hosted some friends in the corporate space on Friday for an excellent one-shot to rescue a faculty member who went missing. The crew had a new person join as well, and it was a blast dungeon diving with this intelligent and creative bunch!

Frozen Few. The construct is defeated, but the Ten Towns have seen better days. The group meets up with a mysterious figure and a new party member as they embark on complete infiltration of the deep dwarves responsible for the attack. They made it in, but will they make it out?

Storm Giant's Wrath PBP. The Storm Kings thunder PBP crew has been having a blast in Waterdeep. They met with a Dragon disguised as a dwarf, an illithid tattoo artist, and LAdy Waterdeep herself. They embark on two critical missions this week to obtain a diamond from the blue alley and draw some attention to themselves to learn more about recent giant attacks.

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. The crew couldn't resist checking out the famed mystic's performance at the fancy place in town and got a few questions for a long-dead skeleton strapped to a chair. They discovered he was hiding some treasure and a journal in his home, and with some cleverness, they talk the man into cutting a deal for one last question. What will they find in the pirate's treasure?

Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP. Our Rashemen group gets deeper into the region and has dispensed their prisoners. They are engaged in some small talk and storytelling with the local Inn's patrons as a storm rages on outside. This week we find out what stories this town tries to keep quiet.

Adventure in courage and stay cool everyone!

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