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Is That Cheese Actually Canon?

Greeting adventurers

Its been another great week of TTRPG games. As I reflect some in preparation for writing this week's newsletter I make note of the variety of adventures that are currently running. I have a group of folks gathering together, working on characters and learning a bit of lore before being dumped into Thay, the land of the Red Wizards themselves. The folks on Saturday and Monday are starting to really gel with each other as they dispense of the exposition of the game and really start getting into the meat of the story. Another group has hit the approximate half way point in their quest to reach the bottom of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Two groups are nearing the end of their adventure and have hit the real juicy parts of the story and yet another has about 2 sessions left before we call it a wrap. And even with all that I am working on something else I have not announced yet. We really have games just about at every stage of gameplay going on right now and it has me busy, in a good way!

With that said lets get right into the session recaps this week:

PIFONs continue their journey to the north lands and were able to successfully outsmart a family of hungry Yeti ready to have them for dinner. They met up in town and are following leads to catch a Frost Giant sighting, and we closed the session with them doing just that.

Monday mad mage took place almost exclusively in a restaurant made out of a petrified purple worm. Questionable food was had and many drink were consumed as the team got into it with the local gang. Should be interesting this week as the party now has a target on their back after one guild member was able to escape using invisibility to warn all the others. And there are a LOT of others.

Tuesday saw me prepping quite a bit for the Thay campaign but also getting our Monster of the Week crew back together for a grave robbing, zombie filled session that I probably could have kept running through the entire morning hours. We were definitely having fun with it and will pick up again this week after defeating a necromancer and his van.

Wednesday Mad Mage was a great session full of combat and the party true to their normal form did their very best to outsmart their opponents with some pretty cool spells and teamwork. The party took down a pretty hefty Hydra and are about to find out what sort of treasure it was sitting on.

Rangoon Platoon on Thursday finally met with the Princess, and an epic speech was delivered by everyone's favorite gnome artificer, Bina. They really did step up and make a compelling speech, I for one was moved and am looking forward to getting back to Waterdeep this week and continue our hunt for the finest cheese in the land.

Saturday night's Icewind Dale crew found themselves deep into investigating a mystery and a number of twists and turns before figuring out what really happened to a missing person in town. Had a nice mix of roleplay and combat in this normally heavy RP group, another great session.

Sunday I hosted a brand new player in a learn to play game I designed and it was an absolute blast. They did great and learned all about skill checks, saving throws, how to build a character, level up and catch the basic concepts of the game. It was ultra fun to roll with a party of 2 and we may have just seen the birth of a long career of a new adventurer.

Busy week gang, lets do it all again this week! Adventure in courage friends!

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