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Just in time for Pie Day, Return of the Newsletter Game Recaps 3-14-23

Icespire Peak. We have a blast every 3rd Monday playing a classic high-fantasy adventure where a dragon is causing all sorts of problems for the town of Phandalin. So far, the adventurers have bonded over eggs and a show, sausages, and surviving attacks from a Manticore, oozes, and a hoard of orcs! We rush to Butterskull Ranch this coming week to see what is wrong with Big Al!

Picnic Hobos. The Monday night Mad Mage team has been hard at work making their way down the twisting levels of the undermountain. They attended an evil wizard school, graduated, and have a degree to prove it. They got a little clue from our friend the Mad Mage, and may have made him...happy? They took out a misshapen thorn in his side and continued their adventure in a maze full of Drow and Minotaurs. Brownie recipes were exchanged, and odd alliances were made as we continued the descent. Relationships are being put to the test in the mists of level 12.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim. This group is clever. One has to be to survive the horrors of Drakkenheim. They learned the secrets of a mysterious mage very cleverly and have a mighty hand to play when we meet at the table with some influential folks this week. It will be one of those nights where we learn exactly who we are working for.

Family Table. Our mad magers on Wednesday have found themselves in the City of Skullport, where the Xanathar guild has an iron grip on trade and, well, everything in the Port of Shadows. They get sent on a super secret mission and will need to rely on their wits rather than their swords to come back alive.

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. This is it. The showdown is upon us. The party has penetrated the Mad Mage's lair himself and is in an extraordinary state of mind, literally on the doorstep of an epic level 20 fight. I've been working hard on this one; it definitely took a departure from the adventure as written to cap off a fantastic campaign that started nearly two years ago. I offer a big giant huge thanks to these players, who have made a wreaking ball crew of adventurers to party with every Wednesday night. Its been a blast and it has all come down to this.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. The insurance Bros have found themselves data-scribed (long story) and churned out to an unforgiving land far away from the home base of Bral. We converted characters to work in the Cypher system and are playing a bit of custom Numenera on my version of the ninth world. It is super fun, and these folks are leaning into the system. We are all having a blast, as expected, on Thursday nights!

Bounty Hunters. The Saturday early game continues south of where the LHIC are adventuring, exploring a strange land full of monsters and bandits. Slug-spitters in hand and a fist full of bounties, they trek west in their quest for discovery. We are about to get into some fun crafting mechanics and meet a very dangerous foe. I am a huge fan of the "Spaghetti Western" format and its been a lot of fun plopping it in my Ninth World setting.

The Goodberry Group. Saturday evening finds us in Drakkenheim with a set of adventurers who are still finding their way in the tangled web of factions. They have braved the ruins, learned a lot about the horrors in the City of the Damned, and are trying to figure out who their friends and foes are. A strange turn of events this week and a near TPK, we are about to discover how actions have consequences and how fast bad news travels in Drakkenheim. This is one of my favorite adventures ever written, and play-throughs will be different. Thanks to the Tuesday and Saturday night groups for leaning into the setting!

Smdragon of Smicespire. What started as a joke turned into a super fun mini-campaign where I remixed a classic adventure for the Cypher system and plopped it down in the Ninth World. The team explored, crafted, and talked their way into solving problems for the small frontier town and faced off against an ancient foe this week to cap off an outstanding adventure.

I have also had the pleasure of running a ton of one-shots for brand-new players and corporate clients over the last month. I love introducing the game to fresh players and watching them blast in a game I have enjoyed for years.

I have a busy week ahead; next week, I will host a 5-day adventure where we meet in the afternoons for a group of students; I am looking forward to a fun mini-campaign with these folks and being able to pick up where we left off each day.

I have spent much time on custom content, modifying adventures/modules, or crafting worlds and campaigns from the ground up. And this finale on Wednesday has been a long time coming, but I have continued to tweak it for maximum epic final fight levels! The groundwork is mostly laid, and I expect to be able to offer our weekly updates again!

Next month I will launch a few more games, so keep your eyes open for those listings. Two are live now! Adventure in the Southlands, an enchanting desert setting where the Gods walk the streets and danger lies around every corner in the City of Cats! Sign up right meow here. Further north in the Midgard setting (the shared world as the above) lies the city of Zobeck, full of factions, gears, and adventure. I don't have a clever phrase for this one, but you can sign up here.

It truly is the opportunity of a lifetime to do this full-time, and I sincerely thank you all for playing. Adventure in courage, friends!

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