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New campaigns opening up soon!

Website update

I decided its about time to have a landing page of my own and we will host our newsletters in blog format here at which is pretty exciting stuff. I can link the latest news and such in discord for ease of access and its hopefully an easy adress to remember when you are bragging about how awesome your game is to your friends you can drop them the link! Seriously this was long overdue and I am excited about it as I can do a little more writing, feature systems, and maybe even an item of the week!

More public games coming soon

I plan on posting two more DnD public games relatively soon Ile post listings so keep an eye out. Opening up a Friday night and Saturday night game likely running Strahd or Rime of the Frostmaiden. Im open to other titles and homebrew stuff too - contact me for suggestions! Monster of the week game is going great, everyone is really enjoying the system I am still trying to find an other evening slot to get a campain going for Masks, City of Mist, or other PbtA title. Once those slots fill its going to be quite some time before another slot opens up, I can only run so many games in so many hours after all!

Session recaps

Monday's Family table had another great session infiltrating a giant stronghold. The party made it up to level 2 and found themselves in a larder. Some really clever game play and solid performance and deception rolls got the team into enemy ranks to help distract and trick some of them into leaving. Love clever gameplay and thinking outside the box and this afternoon had plenty of that! Really looking forward to how all this resolves, hoping the team can get out alive!

Monday night Mad Mage was a very story driven episode, the party covered a lot of ground and met a group down on level 3 that they are buidling a bit of an aliance with. With a little bit of help from a scout the adenturers went deep into enemy territory and kicked off what should be a good couple of sessions of combat.

Tuesday in Katashaka - This is my homebrew campaign, an ancient tarrasque threatens to wake up and cause mass destruction on the western continent of Toril. The party is inching closer and closer to this inevibility and tension has been high. We did break it up a bit with a little friendly PvP pit fighting between the Paladin and Fighter all narrated by everyone's favorite brain-in-a-jar Lee! Much fun was had before the perilous adventure south to the wastes.

Tuesday nights kick off to our Monster of the Week campaign "Texas Strangers" was awesome. This system is so flexible and fun! I leave a lot of "fill in the blanks" when preparing locations so we were able to use a lot of character backstory to learn about eachother over some crab boil and defeat the spirit haunting the Jefferson Hotel!

Wednesday night Mad Mage had many of the players face off against a dragon, for the very first time in their DnD careers! What a red letter day and a fun fight. There is a lot going on down here and the party did a most excellent job investigating the situation before instigating any sort of fight with its denziens. And, they are walking away with a huge pile of gold. Or are they?

Thursday night we go back east to the Sword Coast and join the Rangoon Platoon as they continue to unravel the mystery of the Giants inssurection. Its tough to recap this one without spoilers, but I will say the party is dealing with some pretty thick circumstances and are going to need to dress very, very warm as they adventure in the frozen north.

Excited for the week, lots of great story, killer combat and character development in all our games. Looking forward to answering the age old question as we head into February - what do you do?

Thats it for now, again campaign slots generally take a week or so to fill but once they are I dont expect a new one to open for another 3 months or so. Get wtih me if you are interested in playing and, bring a friend!

As always thanks for playing! Adventure in Courage Friends!

Adventure awaits in games with DM Eric V dungeons and dragons game master for hire
Adventure awaits in games with DM Eric V - photo credit Eriks Cristovs from Pexels

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