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Return of the Newsletter

Whew its been a busy couple of weeks friends I have been taking some time to plan a couple of big things – first you already know about launching the campaign set in Thay, the land of the infamous Red Wizards. It’s been a blast getting everything going and now with a few weeks under our belt I can say this group is going to have a whole lot of fun and weirdness ahead of them.

The second thing I have been working on is getting a Play By Post (PBP) game going. The game works asynchronous, so you post when you can sort of a thing and it all happens in discord with a little help from dndbeyond and a bot. Solving the hardest quest in Dungeons and Dragons is a thing of the past with a PBP campaign! I will be launching 2 sessions in the next week so if this is something that strikes your fancy, hit me up.

Ile have more news to share next week along with our game recaps, so sorry to leave anyone hanging I will see you all at the table or back here at the newsletter real soon!

Adventure in courage friends!


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