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Spelljammer, DndOne, and Lots of Fun!

It has been a big week for all things Dungeons and Dragons. Spelljammer is finally here, and it's fantastic that the "Wizards Presents" show featured some exciting tidbits for DnD and Magic releases coming up. I have my hot takes on it and have written on Twitter a touch, and there is plenty out there to read, including some terrible hot takes.

First, DnD One is just in its infancy of playtesting. Please do not take anything as for sure and realize we are getting these new testing rules out of context. There are rules written we have not seen yet that likely complement the changes. I like the direction and look forward to putting the playtest regulations into play. Perhaps I can host a short game with the new rules. Hit me up if there is interest. My point on the matter is to wait, watch, and not let the negative train of hype discourage you from enjoying the Worlds Greatest Roleplaying Game.

The Air Planet of Colair - Realmspace

Game Recaps

Thunder Buddies PBP. The team happened across some giants digging for something, and the group's rogue saw something shiny and had to have it, which put them in quite a pickle. With one member captured, the rest of the group fights trolls as the giants take off with their friends. A familiar enemy appears, and it will be fascinating to see what happens next. I do not think I am the only one on the edge of their seat here.

Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP. Speaking of the edge of their seat, the party has found what this tree thing is all about, including a smattering of cultists and devils worshiping the tree itself. Is this the key to the corruption in the forest? What are they going to do to take this threat out?

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. Space! The team made it to wildspace and are naturals at flying and operating a spelljamming ship! They come across another vessel during their training, and the fight is on! I have been enjoying the heck out of spelljammer, and the PBP is starting to get into the setting now!

Pact Mules. Our contestants had another close call as doors opened and burrowing beasts nearly had their way with the party. Creative use of a wall of force saved some skins; otherwise, we would be rolling up at least one new character this week. That spa room the dwarves made is looking good to a team of battered adventurers.

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. The team almost lost all of their magic items in a lava pit. All. Of. Their. Magic. Items. A bargain with an omnipotent force saved the day, and they got to continue the obstacle course with all their gear in tow. I enjoy the change of pace dealing with traps, tricks, and exploration, but I also look forward to the fight before they can get out of here to the next level.

Ghosts of Spelljammer. Spelljammer's release finds us meeting some new friends and saying goodbye to others. One character heads back planetside to finish their destiny, and another is far too afraid to leave the ship. I liked meeting my first plasmoid in 25 years; the autognome will be loads of fun. Our party is whole and ready to find the menace that brought them to wildspace.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. The crew saw the "Circle of Death" spell firsthand and was nearly wiped out entirely. I was afraid they would float with the flotsam in wildspace before making it to the afterlife, but the brawler pulled through and got everyone to safety. It was a close call and super exciting. This week we will see a player from our Saturday game join the LHIC, and I am excited about Lizardfolk wrestling!

Frozen Few. The team heads to a frozen shipwreck but encounters some hungry beasts with other plans. Yes, the team finally ran into some Yeti and a big one. It used magic healing, ice falling from the sky, and powerful strikes to nearly take out our heroes of Icewind Dale, but they prevailed and got a rest in a cave out of the deal. A great deal of moral quandary later, they find themselves closer to the shipwreck where one character is looking for some closure to their past.

Mad Mage Wednesday Afternoon. Now recruiting! I have three folks ultra excited to play, and we start this week! This is one of my favorite modules to run, and I mess with it so much that it's almost unrecognizable from the book.

Heroes of Wildspace. No surprise, another spelljammer game is firing. I have one player in an experimental 2 PM Central time slot on Tuesdays. I hope to get some interest from the EU crowd or folks with wonky schedules like me. I love spelljammer so much and look forward to getting this and likely another soon off the ground.

Thanks for playing! Adventure in courage, friends!

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