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Spelljammer games! Game Shows! More Games!

Greetings adventurers!

It is finally here. The Spelljammer setting for 5e releases in a few hours, and I can finally embrace the material in my hot little hands. I am excited about the poster map, the monsters, the rules, all of it. I have three games running right now that won't miss a beat because I have been snooping on some content, but I know a few players making new PCs to play!

A few game announcements, it's been a minute; no surprise Spelljammer makes the list of new offerings!

Are you excited for Spelljammer too? You can join my mid-day and EU timezone-friendly "Heroes of Wildspace" game starting August 30 at 2:00 PM Central!

I am launching another instance of Mad Mage on Wednesdays, later in the day and late at night in the EU. You can join the "Casting Call for the Mad Mage's Multiplanar Mega-hit Gonzo Game Show!" We play at 4:30 PM Central.

I am super pumped to get another mad mage going with the modifications I make; it is an absolute blast. And, of course, you all know how excited and passionate I am about Spelljammer! Big week!

Game Recaps

Thunder Buddies. The Storm Kings Thunder PBP game is going awesome; our heroes find themselves leaving Goldenfields after helping out in town and reuniting some old friends in a very touching way. We all look forward to meeting one of the PC's Dad shortly, but getting there could be a challenge.

Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP. The crew is working their way to the woods to figure out what is going on with this tree. Well rested and ready to go, it should be a pivotal week in the campaign. The rolls are still coming in to see how the trip to the tree goes!

Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. The team finds themselves aboard an actual Spelljammer and is getting a tutorial from one of its crew to take off. Soon Toril will be left behind, and new adventures await. But where is Pete?

Pact Mules. I thought at least one character would be re-rolling a new PC coming into that fight this week. The Cleric played smart, stayed back, and only went down once. This was one of those entire session combats that took a lot of tactics and creativity to overcome, and it was an absolute blast. We deal with the aftermath this week.

Tuesdays in Thay. Our friends in Thay meet a fascinating "individual" named Athas buried deep in the abandoned temple to a near-forgotten God. Very talkative and sharp, she lets them in on some information that starts to unravel the very core reason the Red Wizards have held control of this region for this long. After quite a bit of combat, we are all looking forward to some tavern moments this week. But first, they need to get out.

Wednesday Night Mad Mage. On to the next level! The team has hit a dubiously titled "Obstacle Course" and tested their wits and perception to make it past this mess and closer to the Mad Mage. Crisis averted so far in a few sightings of traps, but I feel there will be a lot more to come in the form of traps and trickery.

Ghosts of Spelljammer. We did our first ship-to-ship combat using the 5e system this week, and it was super fun. The crew is aboard a smaller craft and ran into some up-to-no-good pirates on their way to their destination. It turns out the pirates got a bit more than they bargained for, and the players may have hijacked a ship out of the deal. We find out how that all works out his week.

Laughing Head Insurance Company. We were down a player this week thanks to airlines being airlines, but the crew pushed on and negotiated their way onto an excellent ship. A team is assembled, and they head to a planet in search of some contracts for their friend. As you might tell by the newly minted crew title, who knew there was so much contract law and insurance talk in a game of DnD?

Frozen Few. This week was a magnificent example of stories coming together and backstories coming into play. When a horizon walker and disgraced author connect on the first layer of the Nine-Hells, you know things will get spicy. The combat was a perfect example of a close call; just one different dice roll could have changed things for the worse very quickly. I had a lot of fun with this one and looked forward to blending a few more stories before this is all done.

As always, thanks for playing! Adventure in courage, friends!

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