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Super Week in Tabletop Gaming with DM Eric V

Hope everyone had a "Super" week, its time for another week in review where I provide some updates and a few game recaps for the best adventurers in the multiverse!

We thawed out here in East Texas since the last update and even had some time to hit the zoo today. I heard a Lion actually roar for the first time ever and if you havent heard it up close its really impressive! For a brief moment I put myself in some adventurers shoes and thought this must be what its like when a manticore runs into the party. It might sound weird but I got a bunch of inspiration for some beasts while on our walk-about. Half anteater Half Rhino anyone?

Above VTT rollout has been pretty good but has exposed some issues with dndbeyond dice rolling. A few players have hit some hiccups with the rng being not so r... I talked to the developer and the code is clear on their end, all the math happens on beyond's site anyone having trouble got a discord message from me with some work around options. I got incredible feedback over this platform over the last two weeks and I ended up becoming a patreon to help support their development as I am convinced this is the perfect blend of simple and feature rich VTT out there. If supporting folks' passion projects is your thing feel free to do the same Above VTT on Patreon. No I am not sponsored by or associated with them, I just think its great.

Enough updates, on to the Week in Review

Family table is always a blast and this week was no exception. And this will be the last time I call if family table as they finally have a team name... The PIFONS! Long story, but it involves a pickle enterprise. The group had to do some recovery after their 3 session tussle with some giants and are making their way to the City of Splendor itself - Waterdeep. Our players are ultra excited to explore the city - the group has been on the move quite a while and are ready to get some urban exploration in one of the most iconic cities in the North.

Monday Mad Mage continues to be a thrilling adventure as the party tracks down some drow, or the drow attempt to track down the party? Either way its dark, underground and the adventurers are finding themselves on unfamiliar turf as they go head to head with some folks with home field advantage. We continue our story Monday on the precipice of what is sure to be a big fight.

Tuesday night in Katashaka continues to be big and we are entering the final sessions of one of my stories I wanted players to interact with - dealing with the formidable tarrasque. The next few sessions will really test the players mettle, will they have time to craft weapons effective enough against a world ending beast?

Monster of the week took a break this week with a few players out but we return to North Dallas and the Texas Strangers this week with news of something going horribly wrong at a local university. Its going to be a wild and whacky night for sure.

Mad Mage Wednesday had a new level with new threats. The party was sharp in spotting some environmental hazards but have come across a giant problem and a tiny castle. The clubs hit hard and the castle is alluring, should be a wild session this week!

I hosted a one shot Thursday morning on Zoom for some folks brand new to D&D! From time to time I get called up to help out start playing with corperate events and had the pleasure of hosting 4 players new to Dungeons and Dragons for a fun one shot that me and a few other GM's co-consipired to create. It involved an adorable baby creature to rescue, yeti's and kobolds and it was an absolute blast. Tabletop gaming is such a cool thing to do for teambuilding and events and it was ultra fun playing with these folks this week as they figured out the mystery of their village.

Thursday's Rangoon Platoon are hitting the juicy bits of the Storm Kings Thunder adventure after spending much of the session working out a puzzle to get some long awaited answers. It is almost impossible to describe spoiler free at this point but its cold, and big, and getting bigger. This week's session will be one of the most memorable of the entire campaign and I am here for it!

Saturday night found us on the tundra of Icewind dale and I am happy to provide the first weekly re-cap for this group of adventurers. We started out the session going over some deep character details and spent some time linking the party together as more than just "you meet in a tavern." Of course we started in a tavern however, but these folks used their imaginations and really came up with some cool backstories and relationships for their characters to have. The party got their first taste of life in Icewind Dale as they got caught in a blizard on the way to track down some lost items. They finally caught up to the issue, and we will start next week with a bang as we "rolled initiative" at the very end of the adventure.

Lastly, in totally unrelated sportsball news (I am a life long Detroit Lions fan), I have to say congratulations to Mathew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams on their Superbowl win.

Thanks for playing and Adventure in Courage Friends!

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