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Take That you Trollop!

What a week in adventuring! We had the return of Monster of the Week and a nice helping of Dungeons and Dragons 5e on the agenda and the games did not disappoint! I am still considering a time slot for a new game if you have something in mind you would like to play please let me know. I can probably squeeze in a Sunday late night game or try for an afternoon weekday game thats not on Monday. I am heavily considering the play by live text game that I spoke of a few weeks ago as well.

On to our weekly recaps!

PIFONS - The team spent some time in Waterdeep, the City of Splendors after some long and hard fights on the road. They met up with some interesting individuals in town and were able to upgrade a bit of their gear thanks to the trade ward's prolific amount of vendors. One player was on a mission to find their old shipmates, but only ran into one and found out that their once beloved vessel has been taken over by bandits. The team retreated back to game plan at the "Yawning Portal" and the "Long Walk, Longer Pier", concocting a plan to get the ship back and quite possibly using it on their journey north when they decide to pick of the trail of the giant menace. Good stuff love a little break in an urban environment after traipsing through the countryside for a while. Also, I smell a pickle empire brewing.

Monday Night Mad Mage - we welcomed a new player on Monday nights and found them in quite a perdiciment - captured by Drow! Not just any drow, the Lolth worshiping magic weilding, chaos sewing angry kind. The party had an epic battle nearly exhausted on all resources going into it they had to be smart and clever. It was fun watching them pull it off and free their new wizard friend. Of course, completely beat up they decided to just kick "one more door" down and next week will start much the same as this did - low on health and slots, and facing enemies behind the door. Should be fun!

Deep in the Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Photo by Gowrisha CV on Unsplash

Tuesday night in Katashaka is inching closer to a final showdown. The world is literally unraveling as the adventurers visit a town decimated by the Tarrasque. They showed mercy on a figure who was once their enemy and folded them into their party to investigate what could be causing the end of the world. We rejoin them this week as they approach a downed vesel that resembles the shape of a stingray. Their new "friend" calls is a space ship. A very exciting evening as the party is just SO CLOSE to figuring out what is going on and tackling their biggest challenge yet.

Monster of the Week returned on Tuesday with a time twisting adventure to way way, did I say way, way in the future. The party had to figure out how to get back to their own time and deal with the dark tunels in a far distant future. Good thing they had their cell phones!

Wednesday night Mad Mage took a break, we had a few players with plans so postponed our time in Maddgoths level, we pick up next week on the heels of some very tough fights with very big foes.

Thursday night with the Rangoon Platoon said goodbye to a beloved member of the party. A bittersweet and chilling encounter left the team in a somber mood as they continued their quest to figure out what happened to the Storm King and how in the world they were going to get their friends name back. Never give your name to the fae. Also maybe think twice before jumping on a Griffon piloted by an air pirate, it might be hard to get back down!

Saturday night in Icewind Dale was a chilling and thrilling time as the party found themselves fighting some goblins on the tundra. We have a really neat party composition with some members really struggling with the morality of slash first ask questions later. But, sometimes you just gotta swing to stay alive. The group returned safe to the ten towns only to find a murder mystery on their hands. A bit of well deserved rest and a level up later will find them exploring more of the Ten Towns next week as we continue down the path of discovering the true nature of the Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Special thanks to @Vorman for the title of the newsletter this week - his character yelled this out as they took town an incidious spellcaster that liked to stay invisible, and it was such a cool moment I had to keep it going.

Thanks for playing everyone. Adventure in Courage Friends!

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