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The Road Goes on Forever...

I am taking this DnD show on the road and have been hosting games from various hotel rooms across the great American Southwest. It has been a pretty neat experience to see sights and live a bit of my dream. I always wanted to work from the road, wherever the day takes us, and my wife and I are doing just that! She has been able to work in the passenger seat and the hotel room on her consulting business, and I have been running PBP and Live games from the road with great success! Other than rescheduling a game due to two bad front tires that needed replacement, everything worked out great.

I look forward to being back home at mission control and having a fiber optic connection for music and better audio, but it hasn't been bad enough to notice much difference. The Journey continues, and I plan on hosting our Thay game in Salt Lake City this evening!

Game Recaps

PIFON's last week broke into the central tension of Storm King's Thunder - and it's hard to recap the previous two weeks without extensive spoilers. The team is coming together for the fight of their lifetimes, and the future of the North depends on them. We are in the middle of an entertaining battle that continues next week.

Monday Mad Mage was a bye week last week, but last night we picked up where we left off - in the middle of a burning forest and with players very much at odds with each other due to their various levels of sanity fluctuating. It probably doesn't help egos or sanity to have met some were-bat goblins convinced the party is divine messengers; they hosted a feast for them.

Tuesday in Thay was our tire dilemma game last week, so we, unfortunately, did not get to play. The tires are good, and Salt Lake City isn't that far; I will be happy to visit Thay this evening!

Wednesday night Mad Mage was a blast. The party flexed their character level 12 skills, traits, and magic to get the upper hand against some Drow with sinister plans against their neighbors in the maze. This week we continue down to the next floor, where machinery can already be heard.

The Rangoon Platoon is taking a break while we prepare for a new campaign kicking off in a few weeks! I did get to meet with half the party IN PERSON in Tahoe Sunday which was pretty amazing. So much so, I plan to write a whole post about it next week.

The Frozen Few is on ice until this week, we had a planned bye week, and I am excited to get back to the frozen northlands this week!

Storm Giants Wrath PBP has been a lot of fun, and I enjoy the play-by-post format with these fine players. They have unraveled the mystery of the runaway knight to discover a sinister plan in Daggerford. It turns out that their patron is an ancient dragon and does not have their best interests at heart. I look forward to unraveling more and adventuring in the frontier land of the Sword Coast and beyond.

Witches of Rashemen had a soft launch this week; we are working out final details on characters and will start in earnest on Thursday. Extraordinary adventure lined up for these folks in an enchanting land of forest and fey.

As always, thanks for playing - adventure in courage, friends!

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