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The Thunder Abates

Greetings adventurers. Today's newsletter is going to focus on team PIFON. They did it! After defeating their most capable enemy, they have set up the region for more peaceful relations. Historians write about them for years to come. The crew completed Storm Kings Thunder!

As is customary, the crew was in complete control of the narrative on how their characters retire, or if they stay active as adventurers. Read a little below with what someone does once they save the world!

Marshmallow Smore retires, enlisting the help of Ara to create a portal back to the Feywild. She is wildly successful with her pickle empire and brings what she learned here about pickles to the Fey.

Uwu sells off her claims in the illustrious pickle company. She disappears into the High Forest and is never seen again. After these events, much speculation surrounds her life, but none can be confirmed.

Link travels back to Zebros and is enlisted by the princess in an official capacity. The town is taken over, and he serves a critical role in getting folks to safety and vows to take the fight against the strange red and green creatures that have taken over the town.

Ara helps Marshmallow with their portal and takes on the name of her parents, making new connections with family in Waterdeep. Ara Stormweather is a hero and noble of Waterdeep.

Hogwash heads home to Southwood and lives as humbly as possible, helping people every chance she can. She continues her quest to smite evil when it arises in the world.

Brothor hears about a group of young adventurers, ready to take on the threats from the east. Behind him, in the shadows, is a giant elephant silhouette; it appears Lothor lives.

And thus concludes our adventures with the PIFON squad. What a great experience! Congratulations to all involved!

Game Recaps!

Pack Mules. Yes, our Monday Mad Mage team now has a name, thanks to the addition of our new adventurer. The team received an interview from a roper on a flying disc, and that was not the strangest event of the evening. The night's big story was all the roleplay to resolve the ranger's inner demons and discover the history of the dwarves that once walked these halls. It was an intense evening with massive character development. We were excited to see what happens next week!

Tuesdays in Thay. We welcomed a new PC to the game as a Paladin of the light enters Thay in search of a stolen text, likely valuable and dangerous in the hands of the Red Wizards. The party healed their barbarian friend from an awful intelligence-devouring brain and headed back down to the caverns in pursuit of answers.

Wednesday Night Mad Mage took the week off; looking forward to intense fighting on level 14 this week! Ghosts of Spelljammer Thursday. We got the team together for a really fun session 0. The team hit the floor running fighting off some ruffians and a kobold who was trying to shake down the barkeep for protection money. With the brutes defeated the team will discuss the next steps as we add two more adventurers to the group this week!

The Platoon. Our spelljammer game kicked into high gear as the crew traveled aboard a Hammership out of Toril's gravity and into Wildspace. Some dangerous cargo hatched on them and nearly took out the ship before it could land on docks built into an asteroid. This week we discover what else resides on this rock floating in Wildspace.

Frozen Few. The team continued their assault on the Duergar fortress, defeating the king in an epic battle. This was fun combat to run with a ton of enemies and a great environment to work with. We pick up the pieces this week to see what else is hiding in this stronghold.

Sunday. I had the pleasure of hosting a fun group of folks in a private game. This is our third time together, and it was a real hoot. The team is chasing down a green dragon but needs to find tools appropriate for the job. They adventure through a ruined temple, fighting off kobolds and going below into a treasure vault, sure to have some handy items for the fight ahead. Next month we pick up where we left off and discover what else is in this vault! Wrath of the Storm Giants PBP. Things are heating up now as the team heads to Goldenfields, only to see it ransacked. They hustle to help best they can and uncover the truth about what happened here. Ghosts of Spelljammer PBP. The team continues to uncover things piece by piece; that there might be more than just stars shining above them. They enjoyed some beach combing and lovely lemonade from the friendly neighborhood Kobolds. What will they find this week? Wise Witches of Rashemen PBP. We are now living in the age of Post Chickening, PC if you will. The team defeated a group of fiendish chickens and headed into the woods in an old-fashioned hex crawl PBP style to see if they can find the source of the corruption around Tinner. Adventure in courage friends and thanks for playing!

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