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Week in review January 17

Monster of the Week

As mentioned last week I put up some “Monster of the Week” learn to play one shots. Met some cool folks and even got a campaign going on late Tuesday nights. (sorry all game is full). If I get more interest I may open up another campaign but that will be well down the road.

“Powered by the Apocalypse – Try Something New and Fun!”

The PbtA One shots are live. I am testing the waters for a good day/time for these. So keep an eye out on the discord to jump in. From time to time I will also offer a courtesy seat for folks that haven’t tried the system out yet, on a first come first serve basis. Monster of the week is a PbtA game, but there are a lot more. Looking to add the below in the rotation:

Blades in the Dark, Chasing Adventure, Teenage Mutant Battle Animals, Ironsworn, Monster Hearts 2, Apocalypse World – Burned over, World Wide Wrestling, Brindlewood Bay and many more!


D&D games are going to be listed at $25 per seat for the 3 hour session. Indie games at $20. I may do some shorter games or special promo’s at lower rates throughout the year.


Family table had another great session fighting Giant Boars, and Giant-kin as they continue to explore a stronghold. Anything else would be spoilers at this point so Ile leave it at that.

Monday Mad Mage had the entire team back together to explore the second level. Things got, a bit out of hand when a spell wore off and lets say there are a fair amount of creatures that think one of the players is their God now. A very unexpected evening for sure

Tuesday Katashaka was an epic tactical battle, which ultimately ended up in the party retreating to higher ground. A first for the year and honestly a very smart play by the group. When we continue this week it will be interesting to see the aftermath of their choices

Tuesday Late night we start the Monster of the Week campaign!

Wednesday Mad Mage – probably the best fight of the year and one of my favorite encounters of the module. Ile stay spoiler free but it was creepy and fun and the players really got to show off their special abilities and spells.

Thursday night. The “Rangoon Platoon” took on some Giants, and won with a little outside help. With a goal in mind and a seductive magic item in hand they traveled north to turn in their bounty only to encounter some hags and CHEESE elementals. Another tough fight for the crew but they did it, clutch move on the counter spell near the end of the fight. Our warlock has made a decision that will be certain to have consequences for more than her. A Warlock’s powers do not come without a price, and the contract was called due in this session. Can’t wait to see this play out!

As always thanks for playing! Adventure in Courage Friends!

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