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Turkeybear! Creature and Map

This week I am back with an exciting creature and map - the Turkeybear and a small rocky canyon. This stat block and map are everything you need to plan a unique encounter traveling in a rocky wooded location.

The Turkeybear!

I am still working on filling an entire planet full of "furthered" (fur and feathers) creatures for my spelljamming groups to explore, and this week you get a fowl (get it) combination of Turkey and Bear.

This "large" creature is very bear-like in size but has the body of an enormous turkey. I gave it a parry ability; if it can see an attack, it can add to its AC +2 by using a reaction to use its wings to shield incoming damage. It also has a fun flyby which means it can move in and out, flapping its wings and avoiding an opportunity attack.

The map and encounter:

Rated roughly CR4; plan on using about two to three tops of these creatures against a high T1 group. If running at T2, add the second wave of turkeybears from the trees higher up on the map. Start the turkeybears above in the trees, at least heavily obscured if not hidden, as the party approaches the caverns below. I like 15-foot cliffs here, but you can adjust as needed.

The encounter would be dangerous if only two were for a lower-level group, especially if perception rolls are bad, spotting them hiding in the trees above. As always, it depends on the size and experience of the group you run. With up to three attacks and the flyby ability, this thing can hit and run pretty hard. Handle with care!


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