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You Dirty Rat...

Welcome, Creatures and Adventurers!

This week in Creatures and Maps, we have a pesky little rat-folk person and the streets of Bral at night. The Bral map by Marco Bernardini is stunning and a significant upgrade from the 2e maps. It was the one thing I wanted to be published officially when rumors were floating about the Spelljammer setting.

I expect my players to get in trouble here and there on Bral, be it alien attacks, roaming brigands, or today's creature ratfolk thieves guild members. The map has us on Grand Street by the Festival grounds, but you can put this in just about any larger city with a park for your home campaigns. When I started this map, I made sure to stick with a location with plenty of places where critters could hide in the dark and ambush passers-by.

Hiding in alleys, chilling out in Thieves guild bars, and maybe even skittering about sewers, the Ratsafraz (My version of ratfolk, roughly humanoid small to medium creatures) prepare to strike. Armed with a sickening bite, they are dangerous up close if they get the jump on you. They can also throw their poison dagger and run if things get too much for them.

I wanted a mobile creature that could sniff out danger and possibly get the jump on others, so Thye has Keen smell, granting advantage on perception checks to target suspecting victims. Mobility was also important, so they have the "aggressive trait that allows them to move very quickly toward hostile creatures. With a tough bite and poison dagger, these critters are not to be underestimated!

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